MSU Vehicle Registrations May Cost More

It could soon be more expensive to register a vehicle on Midwestern State University's campus. In Board of Regents meeting, the Personnel and Curriculum Committee proposed that the fees be increased for students and that Faculty and Staff be forced to register vehicles for the first time. The plan is to increase funding for the Campus Police.

Security on campus has been on the mind of school leaders for a while. "I think one of the biggest concerns of the parents and all the young people that come to this university is that is this a safe university," said President Dr. Jesse Rogers. The funding plan would add an officer to the staff, increase vehicle funding and provide additional training.

Under the proposal, student registration fees would rise from $32 to $50 a year. Most employees would pay what the students pay, unless they make less than $30,000 a year. The lower-paid staff would have to pay $36. For College Deans, the fee would be $150 and for the schools upper upper-level administrators, it would cost $250.

The fee schedule, along with anticipated revenue from parking fines would add $155,000 a year to public safety funding. Rogers said that money would have to be spent on public safety anyway, and this measure would allow them to deal with the $6M budget shortfall and not eliminate any positions. "We're in a time of financial crunch, and I think everybody understands that. Every extra dollar we can get to do what we have to do is going to help us keep everybody's job," he said.

The proposal still has to be approved by Regents in a Friday meeting.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6