Barack Obama Navy SEAL Action Figure

You knew it had to happen. A company called is cashing in on the recent fame of the Navy SEALS by creating a Navy SEAL action figure. This one isn't exactly historically accurate, though, considering the action figure is President Barack Obama. The Time magazine blog NewsFeed describes the Obama action figure this way:

[A] super-bad SEAL Team Six replica of the 44th President in full urban fatigue gear, wearing a "Punisher" t-shirt with the numeral 6 printed on it, and carrying a military issue M4A1 rifle.

Looking for a gift for that special someone? The President Obama Navy SEALS action figure can be yours by visiting the website and shelling out $34.95.

This isn't the first time our president has been honored (?) with an action figure created in his image, as you can see by the photo included in this blog. We're not allowed to post an actual picture of the G.I. Joe-like SEAL doll, but click here to take a look. Check out the guns on the Prez (and I'm not talking about firearms).

Included in the "Wow, that's in bad taste" category for presidential memorabilia is the President Obama Chia Head. This is NOT a joke. I repeat, NOT a joke. Check out the real commercial for the questionable (at best) product that aired in 2009.