MSU Graduates Face the Working World

The rough economy is one more hurdle standing in the way of many local students and their careers.  Despite recent hard times, tomorrow is a big day for thousands of Midwestern State University students who are set to walk across the stage and get their degrees.

One of the students I spoke with today has mixed feelings.  She's excited to get out into the working world, but she also knows its going to be a difficult task to land her first job.

Students who will be graduating from Midwestern State University this weekend are ready to get out into the real world and begin their careers.  Colleen Wilson, a Newschannel 6 employee is a Mass Communications major.  She feels her professors and courses have given her enough insight into what to expect for the future.  She is confident and despite economic hardships she will not have any trouble finding jobs in her industry.  Colleen says she is ready to get into the working world and start her career. Colleen told Newschannel 6 she is so excited, "definitely, only because of my experience and my internships, but the Mass Communications Department has been really great here.  They have really taught me a lot so I feel definitely prepared to move on with my career in the future."

Mandatory internships, yearly job fairs, networking events, are all steps the faculty and staff at MSU do in order to prepare students for the future.  Student Stephanie Parker in the Education Department says, "we talk about what's going on in education and how the job market is kind of scary.  Not a lot of people are being hired and a lot of people are getting laid off.  They are just preparing us for when we do get a job we will be prepared to start working."

Stephanie is not alone.  Educators across the state have seen the most downfall in the past year with many school districts making staff cuts.  But despite all this, Dean of the Education Department at MSU says surprisingly numbers of incoming students are high.  Dean, PH. D Matthew Capps says, "we are seeing a large increase in the class of students teachers will have this fall.  We have 105 students right now, the second largest class we've ever had.  The largest one we've ever had was 116 students and that was a few years ago."

Because of the mandatory internships that are needed in order to graduate, students say they already have jobs lined up even before they graduate.  Midwestern State University will host graduation at ten tomorrow morning.   It will be held at the MPEC in the Kay Yeager Coliseum.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6