Texoma Man Accused of Stealing Copper From Telephone Poles

A Texoma man is accused of hiding stolen copper inside a baby stroller.

Police received a call Monday evening in reference to a suspicious person in the area of 4th and Lee.

The caller told dispatched that a man was cutting copper wire from telephone poles. The caller said the man was with a female pushing a stroller with a baby.

Officers found Michael Palmer, 30 and the female in the 200 block of Michigan. Palmer told police they were just walking home.

Officers say they saw copper wire in the bottom of the stroller. When asked about the wire, Palmer said he cut it off approximately 7 different poles in the area. Palmer had 16 different bundles of copper wire in the stroller. The wire was ground wire from the telephone poles.

Palmer was charged with theft of wire or cable 50% aluminum, bronze or copper.