Votes Are In For Burkburnett City Commissioners

Newschannel 6 has the very latest out from Burkburnett.  The city of Burkburnett had 3 commissioners up for re-election this year.   One of those seats up for re-election was the current Mayor of Burkburnett Carl Law.

8 people were going after a commissioner seat, but only the top 3 candidates with the most votes will help lead the city.  The results are in and the 3 newly elected commissioners of Burkburnett are, Bill Lindenborn with 837 votes, Randy Brewster with 766 votes, and incumbent, Mayor Carl Law bringing in the most votes with 854.  Law is excited to start off another term as commissioner.

Newschannel 6 spoke to the Mayor right after finding out he was re-elected.  Laws says, "The people in Burkburnett have really worked hard and I'm so appreciative of all of that.  We've taken the high road with our campaign and that's the way we want to go forward, is with a good positive out look.  And take every opportunity we can to make Burkburnett a great place."

Mayor Carl Law also did comment on the newly assigned commissioner Randy Brewster saying, "of course we welcome him and look forward to working with him."

Commissioner Ted Kwas was up for re-election but only came in with 443 votes putting him in 5th place.  Right under candidate Susan Mitchell who placed 4th bringing in 499 votes.

Also on the ballot Proposition 1. The allowing of elected commissioners to sell the city owned park know as "pocket park" by a sealed bid.  Voters approved the proposition 969 votes.

Mayor Carl Law will be the Mayor until Thursday at 5pm where commissioners will then meet in a special session to elect a Mayor.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6