Patsy's House Opens New Home in Bowie

It's a startling number, Patsy's House, a children's advocacy center sees almost 300 first time victims of child abuse every year.  To help children across Texoma the organization expanded to Montague County a few years back and now its expanding again.

A grand opening celebration was held at its new location in Bowie on Hulme Street.  They hope it serves as a refuge for children of abuse.

Outside the home balloons mark the bittersweet occasion and inside gadgets and toys fill rooms to serve one purpose.

"Children who have been abused and neglected can be interviewed, counseled, and prepared for court," said Clint Brown, Chairman of The Montague County Child Welfare Board.

The Montague County Child Welfare Board is an organization that supports Patsy's House a non-profit aimed at helping children recover from abuse.

"We don't really like having to do the job we do," said Blake Davis, Outreach Services Coordinator with Patsy's House.  "We don't want to see children get abused neglected or hurt but it happens and someone needs to be there to help the kids."

Davis will run the new location in Bowie out of a home that simply feels like a home.  That is what they want a welcoming environment in order to help children share their traumatic experience.

"Our counselor room is set up with a lot of different toys.  Our counselor uses those for play therapy to work with the kids," said Davis.

Officials say the children who come to Patsy's House are from different environments and the use of drugs in the family home plays a factor.

"Drugs go hand and hand with all sorts of abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse as well mostly because mom and dad are just too high to notice what's going on with their children," said Keri Goins, Executive Director of Patsy's House.

Patsy's House says they can't change what happened to the children, but hopefully what comes next.

The Montague County Child Welfare Board raises money for Patsy's House through two events in September a gala and ranch rodeo in Bowie.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.