Skeletal Remains Found

Police are trying to identify the skeletal remains found Saturday afternoon.  Wichita Falls Sergeant Joe Snyder says they found a wallet with suggested identification in the skeletal remains' clothing.  He says the remains are undergoing an autopsy in the Tarrant County Coroner's Office.  Snyder says they will be using dental records to help identify who the person is.

Police say the bones were found covered in leaves right around the 1900 block of Waurika Highway.  Snyder says, "There were two subjects taking photographs at the rail line over there as part of a hobby. And one of them actually observed the skeleton below a tree".  Right now police are investigating this as a homicide.  However, they don't know the cause of death and say so far there is no sign of foul play.  Snyder says they consulted a forensic anthropologist before remains were removed for best advice.  Detectives, police, and autopsy officials are all working to find out how and when the subject died.

Snyder says, "The body or the remains have been sent to Tarrant County. They're working with a forensic anthropologist. And they'll use dental records to try to confirm an identity".  He says the clothed skeletal remains were bleach white indicating they had been there for several months.

Police say they have a strong lead as to who the person is. Stay tuned as we will continue updating you with the latest findings on this case.  Police say it will take "a while" before they receive any autopsy results from the Tarrant County Coroner's Office.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.