First Time Ever Off-leash Dog Park In Wichita Falls

The city of Wichita Falls is offering citizens a safe and convenient place to let their pups run free.  Dog owners will be able to let their pets run free for the first time ever.  City leaders, park organizers, and residents all gathered this morning to help open a Wichita Falls dog park at Lake Wichita.  Everyone is very excited about the Wichita Paws Dog Park.   Residents and their dogs have been gathering throughout the day to test it out and meet other dog owners.

People are able to release their dogs to mix with other dogs under one regulation.  They have to read the posted rules before entering past the dog park gates.  Jack Murphy, Director of The Parks and Recreation Department of Wichita Falls says that "all the rules are quite common sense and if everybody obeys the rules it will be great.  That way we can provide a facility that's much more inviting, safe, and attractive for the whole community."

There will be no extra staff hired to supervise the off-leash dog park and the rules will be self-enforced, but anyone found violating the rules will be given citations by the parks regular police patrol.  The Wichita Paws Dog Park is at Lake Wichita Park located off Fairway Road.

The city staff utilized much of what was already in the area like fencing, parking, and a sloped field for drainage.

It's been open for less than 24 hours and already dogs are romping around.  There are two separate areas for the dogs,  one for smaller dogs and one for larger ones weighing more than 30 pounds. But before you let your dogs play they must be vaccinated.

Because the city used an old soccer and football field they were able to save thousands of dollars on the new facility.  The total amount spent on this project was 10 thousand dollars from the 4b sales tax fund.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6