Downtown Wichita Falls Sees Nearly 50 Shops Open in Past Year

Cajun Fest ended with a bang this weekend and tomorrow the farmers market will open in downtown Wichita Falls.

That area is booming not only with festivities but in business as well.  Forty-nine shops have opened up in the past year and it ranges from restaurants to an art gallery to a barber parlor.

Danny McClung remembers the days of downtown Wichita Falls back from the 50's and 60's.

"On Saturday, shoulder to shoulder people on both sides of the street," said McClung Operator of Downtown Barber Shop.

The times have changed but his memory hasn't and it's that thriving experience that had him thinking maybe he should open up shop, and he did back in August.

"There's just not that many barbers left anymore and I was driving by and I liked the location," he said.

Kenneth Jordan is the owner and founder of Jordan and Son's Shoes located off 8th street.  He said he saw a great need for businesses reopening in the area.

"We specialize in selling Stacy Adams shoes.  We have a shoe shine parlor; not only do we shine shoes but we repair shoes," said Jordan.

While he may not know the barber down the street both him and Danny McClung have something in common; they're part of a community of businesses that have opened their doors downtown in the past year.

"The growth is coming back and people see the potential and advantages of being downtown," said Cynthia Laney, Executive Director of Downtown Proud.

Twenty-nine offices and 20 retail from shops to a wrecker service now call the area home, some relocated others started from scratch.

"Downtown is the heart of our community and it creates that sense of place, not only for the visitors who come but the potential residents and also the former residents," said Laney.

"I would like to see it thrive a little bit more," said McClung.

From the looks of it, that's just what's happening.  A memory he once had is now slowly coming to fruition once again.

The farmers market kicks off Tuesday morning at 7am at 8th and Ohio.  It's open Tuesday through Saturday and you can stop by there to find some fresh local produce.  It will continue to be sold as long as it is in season and available.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.