Escape from the State Hospital

The Wichita County Sheriff's Department is confirming the two men who left the North Texas State Hospital in Wichita Falls Monday night have been found and returned to the hospital.

The men left without authorization a little after 9:30 p.m. State Hospital Public Information Officer Crystal Dennstedt says the two patients kicked out a window in their dorm room then climbed over a fence that surrounds the property.

It is hospital protocol to notify local law enforcement when this happens.

A Corporal with the Wichita County Sheriff's Office and members of the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to the situation and helped in the search efforts.

Dennstedt says the individuals called their program director from Wal-Mart on Lawrence Rd. at about 7 a.m. Tuesday and said they were ready to come back to the hospital.

Hospital officials picked them up and they are now back at the hospital.

One patient is from the Wichita Falls area and officials say the other is from the Metrolplex. Dennstedt says the public was never in any danger.