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WFPD: Parents Charged With Abandoning Their Three Children

Alisha Smith Alisha Smith
Daniel Smith Daniel Smith

A Texoma couple is facing charges for leaving their children behind in an alleged trip to Wal-Mart.

Both 22-year-old Alisha Smith and 23-year-old Daniel Smith are charged with three counts each of abandoning or endangering a child, each count representing one of their three children. 

Wichita Falls Police say they were called out to the home in the 5500 block of Professional Drive last Tuesday, based on an anonymous phone call that three small children were left alone in the home. Officers say when they looked into the home, they saw a small child lying on a bed and one asleep on a bean bag chair. After knocking on the door several times, police got inside the apartment with the help of a maintenance person. Inside, officers found no adults, but did find a crying infant laying on the bed, in addition to the two children they had seen through the window.

Officers also located a large kitchen knife on the counter and a rifle in the hallway closet.

Police were able to reach the parents by phone and requested they return to the apartment. According to the affidavit, they told police they went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries.

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