Tick Season: How To Help Your Pet

Summer is typically the start of Tick season for pets. A Newschannel 6 facebook friend reached out to us and said she had found a number of ticks on her pets in recent weeks. Newschannel 6 went to the experts to find out what you can do to protect your four-legged family members.

Chris Dick and his doggie daughter Riley were out playing at the new dog park. He said he tries to stay on top of any problems. "Just try to bathe her regularly and make sure she gets groomed and comb her over and look her over for any fleas or ticks," he said.

Dr. Don Morris, DVM says that's the best thing to do. "If they just pet that animal and rub that animal every day or so, it doesn't take very long, they're going to notice any ticks," he said. There are other suggestions that Morris has.

You can trim your yard, where the ticks love to hide, and also your pet's fur. "It makes them kind of ugly, but at least you can see, but a long haired dog can have a lot going on underneath that hair that you're not aware of unless you feel of him real close," he said. Morris says not to trim them too closely, or you risk exposing the animals to sunburn. "Try and keep the vegetation down, they like to live in the weeds and brush but even in home landscapes, you'll have situations where they blossom in numbers."

Pet parents like Dick say they want to keep their loved ones in good health. "She's like having another child you know just another member of the family," he said.

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Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6