Wichita Falls Native is US Criterium Champion

In America when we talk about bicycling, usually we all hear about Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France.

But actually Criterium, or short-course road racing, is much more common in the US. The current American National Champion was born in Wichita Falls.

Daniel Holloway was the first American to cross the finish line in the US Pro Criterium Championship last year in Illinois, and with that, the 24-year-old Wichita Falls native put his name in the US cycling record books.

"I'm, I think, one of the few younger guys in history to win it," said Holloway.

It actually capped off what had until then been a rather disappointing rookie season for Holloway.

This week he was back in Wichita Falls visiting family, but still taking to the streets to ride for at least two hours a day.

His grandfather, Wichita Falls resident Ernie Holloway, is happy to spend some time with his grandson.

"We usually have to go to Dallas, or Austin or somewhere if we want to see him race," said the elder Holloway. "He's not usually in this part of the country too often."

Which raises the thought: Wichita Falls has a pretty well-known bike race every year.

Any thought to riding in the Hotter n' Hell Hundred?
"It's something that I would love to do, come back to where I was born and participate," said the younger Holloway. "But sometimes it conflicts with other, kind of bigger races going on that our team has scheduled."

Daniel rides for a team called "Kelly Benefit Strategies Presented by Optum Health," which takes him all over the world.

"I did a trip to Singapore and Malaysia in February," said Daniel. "And then before I came back to here, we were in France for about three weeks."

The life of a professional cyclist is not a bad life, even though Ernie had his doubts when Daniel started.

"When I see them guys have accidents, I think they're all stupid!" Ernie said, "Because they lose more hide than they do make money!"

By the way, Daniel tells us that he did actually ride in the HHH once, when he was a kid--being towed behind his father.

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