New Lineup Of Burk Leaders

The City Of Burkburnett has a new lineup of top leaders. Voters, Saturday, chose to appoint Randy Brewster to the Board of Commissioners. Thursday, in a special meeting, Brewster was sworn in. The Board also elected a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

Brewster took the Oath of Office alongside the re-elected Carl Law and Bill Lindenborn . He said he is excited at the chance to serve. "Its very exciting, it's a great time to be a citizen of Burkburnett," said Brewster.

The Commissioners also elected Incumbent Carl Law to serve another term as Mayor. Charlene Lewis was appointed to be Mayor Pro Tem. Law said he is pleased with the election results. "I'm very grateful for the Voters for another 2 years on the Commission and very grateful to the Commission for another year as Mayor," he said.

The panel has a lot of work to accomplish. They are set to hit the ground running Friday afternoon in executive session to decide on a new City Manager. "That's the top priority," said Law.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6