Texoma Man Facing Sexual Assault Charges

A 36 year old man is facing aggravated sexual assault charges.

Police were called to the Crescent Plaza hotel on April 18th, in reference to a report that a child under the age of five was sexually assaulted.

The father of the victim's sister said he Often cares for the victim. The man said on April 14th, he was babysitting the victim. The victim followed him into the bathroom. He told the child, not to walk into the bathroom when others are in it. It was then that the victim said something that led the man to believe the child had been sexually assaulted by a family member.

The child was then interviewed by a forensics expert To determine if a sexual assault had occurred. The suspect, Raudel Duran, was then interviewed by police where he admitted to the encounters with the child. WFPD determined that Duran had sexually assaulted the child at his residence between the dates of 8-1-10 and 4-19-11.