Megargel Raises $6,000 for VFD

With the high amount of grass fires Texoma has seen, fire departments across the area are holding fundraiser's to keep equipment working so they can battle the flames.  On Saturday Holliday Volunteer Fire Department had a fish fry and Sunday afternoon Megargel followed in the same footsteps.

With the help of community members and 120 pounds of fish and 60 pounds of potatoes, Megargel raised almost $6,000 to support the local VFD.

"Without our fire department if we had a fire we would lose everything by the time another fire department that's close to us got here," said Megargel resident, Kimberli Cuba.

"I got here right around seven this morning and got the fires going underneath the beans and then we went and got the fish fryers and set them up," said resident Andy Lane.

Lane and a few others cooked up a storm, fried fish and all the trimmings.  Volunteer firefighter Lawrence Smith says the money will go a long way.

"We had a $800 fuel bill just from one fire and that didn't include three tires and that's another $700 or $800 easily," said Smith.

Megargel Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of a dozen residents who volunteer their time to fight fires more than three this past week and the town recognizes their efforts.

"I hope they have enough money to keep the department going and to raise awareness to get more firemen involved and more people involved in being firemen," said Cuba.

This is their first time the town held this specific fundraiser and because it was a huge success they plan on holding another one in the near future.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.