Food For Families Drive Still Needs Your Help

United Market Street has quite a few ties to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.  Several food bank board members and executives have also worked at United.  So when Newschannel 6 asked the stores in Wichita Falls to house a drop-off site, store director Larry Martin jumped at the chance.

"We've always tried to be continually involved with the food bank, ya know -- the can drive, the sculpture in the fall.  Almost year-round we try to get involved in some of the drives they're having," he said.

That goes right along with what Faith Mission's Marketing Director Becky Browning says about the need for donated food.

"These blitz fund drives and food drives are great in getting the word out.  But then they need to remember in the back of their mind that it goes on," she said.

But Martin is hoping the food donations will pick up this week in order to make a better showing than the last couple weeks.

"I've seen other drives that we've gotten more from, but there's a lot going on right now," he said.

He says people have been gearing up for graduations and things that maybe took their minds off of the drive.  That's why employees do what they can to draw attention to the drop-off box.

"We just ask it they're aware that there is a food drive going on, of course we got the display set up with a poster on the front so as they walk in they see it," he said.

Balloons and other attention-grabbers might be catching people's eyes throughout this week until the drive ends on Friday.  With a holiday weekend coming up, more customers could easily mean more donations.

"I think it's just important for the whole community because there's so many people that are in need out there.  Everyone needs to kick in to do their part," Martin said.

Again, the Food For Families food drive ends this Friday the 27th.  We're hoping all 11 participating communities across Texoma can make a big push for those in need during this week.  All locations are listed here.