Disaster Preparations for Your Pets

In instances with severe weather officials always warn people to have an emergency kit ready and if you don't have one now is the time to make one, but not just for yourself your furry friend needs one too.

It's something owners may fail to think about, but should a disaster strike pet owners need to make sure they have a kit ready to go.

It's just another day at the park for Donna Case and her two dogs.  She took them out early Monday evening to give them some play time should a storm come through and if one does she's more than prepared for her family and her two pet.

"We have a storm cellar in our garage and inside we have a container with dog food, their medicine, extra leashes, treats, everything you would need to take care of them in case something happens," said Case.

Eamon Riley owner of Dogman Training says having a kit in storage is a must have for all animal owners.  "Prepare for the worst, plan for the best."

Eamon says to add food, water, dishes, leashes, and medication into that kit.

"People need to know that if you have a dog that has special needs and they need certain types of medication they need to have that medication when they go," said Riley.

If you cant bring your pet along with you, an alert sticker should be placed on your door so emergency personnel can see it and know that animals are inside the home.  One of the most important tips an owner needs to do is to arrange a safe haven for your pet, a place to take it, since many shelters don't allow animals.

"This could be a family member, friend, kennel, veterinarian," said Riley.

Another obvious but often forgetful tip is to make sure you have a picture of your animal.  If you don't there's no way you can put up signs across the neighborhood alerting people of a lost dog or cat.

Simple steps that could save the life of your best friend.

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