Rider's Donnell, Hislop Share 4-4A Pitcher of the Year

The District 4-4A Softball Postseason Awards List was released Tuesday by district coaches.

Undefeated district champ Denton Ryan took four of the seven Special Honors, but one of them stayed here in Wichita Falls.

The Rider pitching tandem of senior Sammy Hislop and sophomore Abby Donnell were named Co-Pitchers of the Year for the district.

Hislop went 16-4 in her senior season with a 1.31 ERA and a 170 strikeouts in 107 innings pitched.

The younger Donnell was 14-6, with a 1.68 ERA and 229 strikeouts in 125 innings.

Donnell also recorded ten shutouts in her 21 appearances.

District 4-4A Softball Special Honors:

MVP: Misty Dooley, Sr.- Denton Ryan

Co-Pitchers of the Year: Sammy Hislop, Sr. and Abby Donnell, Soph.- Rider

Offensive Player of the Year: Micah Foutch, Sr.- Denton Ryan

Defensive Player of the Year: Samantha Bridges, Sr.- Denton Ryan

Catcher of the Year: Amberlee Partridge, Sr.- The Colony

Utility Player of the Year: Rondi Davis, Sr.- Lake Dallas

Newcomer of the Year: Carol Raabe, Fr.- Denton Ryan

1st Team All-District

Taylor Beeman, Jr.- Rider
Karly Gibson, Soph.- Rider
Morgan Lewis, Sr.- Rider
Allison Graddy, Jr.- Wichita Falls

Katarina Specht, Jr.- Denton
Sara Quintanar, Sr.- Denton Ryan
Carley Rains, Soph.- Denton Ryan
Jordan Farley, Sr.- Lake Dallas
Erin Hager, Jr.- Lake Dallas
Ash Angleman, Sr.- Little Elm
Meg Oard, Jr.- Little Elm
Tori Hawk, Soph,- The Colony
Sarah Wiseman, Soph.- The Colony

2nd Team All-District

Stacey Fosnaugh, Soph.- Rider
Berkley Hoff, Jr.- Rider
Bailey McCreary, Jr.- Rider

Glorianna Biediger, Sr.- Denton Ryan
Kayla Cunningham, Soph.- Denton Ryan
Kathleen Flanagan, Sr.- Lake Dallas
Ragan Forson, Sr.- Lake Dallas
Calli Fauver, Soph.- Lake Dallas
Dru Abe, Sr.- Little Elm
Erin De Los Santos, Fr.- Little Elm
Elyse Boughey, Fr.- Little Elm
Shelbi Featherston, Soph.- The Colony
Brooklin Olson, Soph.- The Colony

All-District Honorable Mention

Hunter O'Malley, Jr.- Wichita Falls
Courtney Pritchard, Soph.- Wichita Falls
Morgan Beeman, Soph.- Rider

Callie Haines, Jr.- Denton
Kristin Foster, Sr.- Denton
Loren McBride, Jr.- Denton
Jessica Juarez, Fr.- Denton
Kirsten Cope, Fr.- Denton Ryan
Emily Dietz- Lake Dallas
Kelsey Tuck- Lake Dallas
Chelsea Watkins- Lake Dallas
Jasmyn Dunning, Jr.- Little Elm
Alex Oard, Jr.- Little Elm
Emily Bittner, Sr.- Little Elm
Tori Rendon- The Colony
Jocelyn Ward- The Colony
Courtney Bearden- The Colony

Academic All-District

Taylor Beeman, Jr.
Abby Donnell, Soph.
Karly Gibson, Soph.
Berkley Hoff, Jr.
Bailey McCreary, Jr.
Ashley Sissel, Soph.

Wichita Falls:
Brittany Flores, Sr.
Tori Shannon, Sr.
Hunter O'Malley, Jr.
Alecia Parent, Jr.
Allison Graddy, Jr.
Courtney Pritchard, Soph
Payton Darity, Soph.
Delaney Bedunah, Fr.
Katy Goen, Fr.
Jessica Whitaker, Fr.


Jessica Dupree
Kristen Foster
Christine Haines
Jessica Juarez
Jessica Martinez
Alexandra Shelton
Katarina Specht
Paige Pippin

Denton Ryan:
Samantha Bridges, Sr.
Misty Dooley, Sr.
Micah Foutch, Sr.
Sara Quintanar, Sr.
Sheeba Walker, Jr.

Lake Dallas:
Emily Dietz
Kelsey Tuck
Crysti Jula
Shauna Fowler
Erin Hager
Ragan Forson
Kathleen Flanagan

Little Elm:
Drueax Abe
Alex Oard
Meg Oard
Mackenzie Stone
Elyse Boughey

The Colony:
Amberlee Partridge, Sr.