NBA I-35 Series Boosting Economy

The I-35 Series is doing more than pumping fans full of suspense and excitement; it's really boosting sales.  Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Kelly Vaughan says food and beverage sales have increased at least 30 percent since the games started. She says both the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder fans have been coming in wearing their jerseys to watch the games at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Kelly Vaughan says Monday's Thunder vs. Mavs game increased sales by $2,000 more than last year.  Buffalo Wild Wings Server Carrie Neises says, "Before it was kind of slower, didn't really get as many tips. Didn't really bring a lot of people in, but once the Mavericks started playing, ending on the playoffs, it brought in a whole lot more. There's more people, more tips."

She says most of the fans coming in are rooting for the Mavericks. Neises says, "Mavericks, most tables really. Just the environment brings them in because everybody's watching the game. Everybody's kind of together having fun."  All over Buffalo Wild Wings, fans are excited, anticipating tonight's game ready to drop dollars for drinks and good food.

Mavs fan Leander Shaw says, "I'm completely confident in the Mavs. We swept the Lakers like it was nothing. But I have been following up, and I think we have a pretty good chance tonight to beat the thunder. And bring on hopefully the heat."

When asked where they'll be tonight, Dallas Fans Aly Ciafrech and Conor Hamilton say, "I'll be at home watching it with my family… I'll be at Buffalo Wild Wings."  Buffalo Wild Wings anticipates sales to increase by $3,000 for tonight's game.  The dollars could keep pouring in even after the game ends.  Buffalo Wild Wings Managers say customers are staying until closing.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.