Recent Rain Fall is Just Not Enough For Local Farmers

Drought conditions in Texas are leaving many farmers with empty pockets.  The recent two inches of rain fall is just too little for many who depend on fields to support their families.

A farmer we spoke with today told us the price for a bushel of wheat is up $5.50 from last year selling at $8.80.  A great thing for most farmers, but not for many in Texoma who can't reap the benefits because they can't even harvest any wheat this year, due to the lack of rain.

Owner and operator of White Farms, Michael White and his brother are 4th generation farmers and together they maintain nearly 10,000 acres of land growing wheat and cotton, along with raising 300 cows.

Michael tells Newschannel 6 that this years drought is making things really tough.  Wheat is a predominate crop in this region, but due to the lack of moisture farmers like Michael could not harvest any wheat this season.  Michael was able to collect some money for his wheat crop through crop insurance, something most farmers use as their safety net.

Michael says, "It's a toss up. Sometimes what hurts us more than anything is to have high commodity prices and not be able to reap that benefit of those high prices and not being able to produce the crop."

Michael's farm does not have an irrigation system, meaning he solely relies on the rain to water his crops.  He says 2 inches of rain really will not make a difference. He needs to see 10 to12 inches.  But, despite the recent bad luck in weather Michael is trying to stay optimistic.

Kelly Boone, a Farm Loan Manager from the Farm Service Agency who covers 9 counties in North Texas says he has seen an increase in clients and,  they are coming in earlier in the year, because of the drought.

State agriculture officials say the Texas drought has already cost farmers in Texas $1.5 billion for a six month period that ended may 1st.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6