Final Push for the Food For Families Food Drive

Texomans have just one more day to contribute to our Food for Families Food Drive.  We teamed up with the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank.

More than 10 grocery stores are participating in 11 different cities in the Food for Families Food Drive. Wichita Falls Area Food Bank Operations Manager Wendell Griffin says they just collected 50 pounds worth of food from the United on Old Iowa Park Road. And some community members even donated arts and crafts for kids.

Griffin says, "Here in Wichita Falls, it's the three Uniteds actually participating. We have Burkburnett, Henrietta, Vernon, Graham. A lot of the surrounding towns are participating with various stores."  When asked what the expectations are for this food drive, Griffin said, "We're optimistic. In 2009, there was a food drive just like this one, and we brought in right at 3,000 pounds. And I think we can do it again this year."

They will be gathering the final results from this food drive on Tuesday. They're hoping for large amounts to help families in need this summer. A person donating one non-perishable food item helps make the world of a difference. Griffin says community members are donating canned goods, cereals, soups, drinks; and he says water is also an important item to donate. The food you donate will stay in the community you contribute it to. This three week campaign ends tomorrow.

There are various food stores you may contribute at in and out of town. They will be collecting donations tomorrow up until closing. Below are the locations.

Henrietta: Diamond Food Stores

Wichita Falls: United Market Street on Kell, United Supermarket on Old Iowa Park Road, United Supermarket on Jacksboro Highway

Vernon: United Supermarket

Graham: United Supermarket

Iowa Park: Lowe's Marketplace

Burkburnett: United Supermarket

Olney: Stewart's Food Store

Bowie: Brookshire's

Nocona: Nocona Marketplace

Seymour: Lawrence Bros., IGA

Archer City: Oodles Supermarket

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.