Air Force Sergeants Recovering From House Fire

An Air Force Family has lost their home and two cats in a fire earlier this week.  The home was in Sheppard's Freedom Estates Military Housing area. Staff Sergeants Clifton and Shera Gill say they are torn from the loss of their home; but grateful there were no injuries and for all the donations made.

Sheppard Air Force Base Avionics Instructor Clifton Gill says he was washing dishes when he saw the fire coming into his home.  Clifton says he thought, "Oh no we got another grass fire, or something. So I opened the car port and looked out. And there was flames just right in front of me."

He says him and his family left through the back of the house. And their neighbors took care of their two girls while him and his wife left in a car with their 14 month old.  Newschannel 6 was at the family's home today when the family found two of their most significant belongings.

Sheppard Air Force Base Air Crew Flight Equipment Instructor Shera Gill says it was an I love you necklace given to her by her three daughters for her birthday last year, and a dragonfly necklace given to her by her husband for Valentine's Day last year.  The family is grateful to everyone helping out since day one.

Shera says, "It's a good feeling knowing that civilian family, military family, everybody has just come together to support us."  Donations are being gathered at Sheppard Air Force Base's South Chapel. They are collecting young girls' clothing, men's clothing and maternity clothing for Shera because she's seven months pregnant. The family had lived there for three years and were just about to move into a renovated home when the fire happened.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.