9/11 Survivor Shares Story in Front of Bowie Congregation

September 11, 2001 is a tragic day that left a scar on the lives of many Americans.  The moment the first plane crashed into the north tower will forever be on our minds.  The ten year anniversary is only a few months away and we had the chance to speak to a survivor, who the day before Memorial Day, spoke in front of the congregation of Central Baptist Church in Bowie.

We've all seen the pictures.  The start of a beautiful September morning soon turned into a cloudy day created by the ashes of the two towers that tumbled down.  Thousands died, but not Sujo John, he survived from the 81 floor of the north tower.

"Part of the debris of the plane tears into our floor, vibrates on our floor, walls begin to cave down, as we look up there is a huge crater and we can actually see 10 floors directly above ours," he said in front of the congregation.

He didn't know what was happening amidst the chaos but as he was descending down 81 flights of stairs, firemen and policemen were walking up to what would soon be their death.  After watching others die from debris he called on his faith and the glistening of a light caught his attention.

"Flashing light coming out of an ambulance.  The ambulance was crushed but the light was still flashing."

It was his way out of ground zero and just around the corner he saw that the other tower had also been targeted by terrorists.  His pregnant wife worked there.

"If she's in the building then there is no way she is going to come down all those flights, she couldn't even walk a block the day before," he said.

Miraculously enough she never made it to work that day.  The first time he heard her voice following the attack still resonates in his mind as do the memories that are now a tool for his platform in ministry.

"I want people to think there is life after this and look at life past all the daily struggles and that there is something called eternity life after death."

As Memorial Day approaches he thanks those brave soldiers that have fought and that are currently fighting to project us.

Sujo John's new full time job is in ministry and he lives just outside of Dallas.  To learn about it and to read more about his inspiring tale click here.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.