Local Representatives Speak About Legislative Session

The 82nd Legislative Session will meet in a special session on Tuesday.  Governor Rick Perry called the session after the failure to pass a key school finance bill.  Newschannel 6 had the chance to speak with Representative Hardcastle and Lyne about this years session.

If there's one word Lanham Lyne District 69 Representative could use to describe his first session, it would be frustrating.

"I think we had a lot of distractions with some of the special items the governor laid out, the sanctuary cities, the sonogram bill, voter ID," said Lyne.

He says all of those items took time away from what mattered the most, the budget, but after months of debate and clashes between parties a $172 billion budget was approved that cuts state spending by $15 billion, but lawmakers are not done.  A special session will begin Tuesday to discuss SB 1811, it's most popular measure slowly cuts $4 billion away from education through the next few years.  It has to be passed in order to have a balanced budget.  The house passed it, but the not the senate and both Lyne and Hardcastle voted for it

"It's not the best bill, it's not a perfect bill, but it's the best we can get out," said Lyne.

"It's less of a cut than was most of our schools were planning on when we started the year," said District 68 Representative Rick Hardcastle."  "Senate Bill 1811 has everything held down
the first year to less than a 5 percent cut and the second year less than a 9 percent cut," he said. 

Throughout the session lawmakers have passed many new laws, controversial too, the sonogram bill, which require women who want an abortion to first get an ultrasound and wait at least 24 hours before following through.  Another bill that's quickly catching attention is the  ban on sending or reading text messages while driving.

"While it's an overreach of government it's very well needed because we've had too many accidents," said Hardcastle.

"You have to make difficult decisions, and put things off, or cut things back and hope you recover in the future," said Lyne.

There are several bills that Lyne and Hardcastle passed this year.  To read more about Lyne and his passage of bills click here, and click here for Hardcastle's bills.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.