Wichita Falls Economy is Getting a Boost

Right now a boost in the Wichita Falls economy is underway with the opening of Home Zone, a new furniture store coming to Wichita Falls.

Texomans formed a long line Tuesday afternoon because the Home Zone furniture store is planning to hire a staff up to 25 people and they are looking to hire everyone by this week.

It's another sign that the job front is improving in Texoma.  The recent 25 job openings will definitely give the local economy a boost and also contribute to the recent decline in unemployment numbers here in North Texas.

Linda Noble, a North Texas Workforce Solutions Representative, says the unemployment rate for April of 2011, including Wichita County, Archer County, and Clay County is down to 6.8 percent.  That's a drop from 7.6 percent from April of last year.

Linda says its due to business owners feeling more comfortable with the economy and its slowly picking back up again.

Linda tells me the area most affected by unemployment numbers was government related jobs, over the last year Linda says the three counties lost a total of 500 jobs.

For many Texomans welcoming new businesses means welcoming new opportunities.

The job fair at the Home Zone furniture store continues until seven Tuesday and then picks back up Wednesday from noon to seven at the old Lacks building.

The new Home Zone furniture store is looking to open its doors in July.  They are looking to hire sales people, manager trainees, and warehouse staff.  No prior experience is needed.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6