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Food Pyramid Getting Axed

The Food Pyramid is getting axed. It is being replaced by a new design – similar to a pie chart. Federal Officials feel the current multi-colored pyramid design is too hard to understand. The idea is to make it easier for people to know how to make healthy food choices.

Making the choice to eat well is critical to living and being well, according to Public Health Nurse Shannon Fleming, RN. "It nourishes our body, that's what we're supposed to be doing; eating to live, not living to eat," said Fleming.

Fleming says making better choices can help your body. Fruits and vegetables should be the majority of one's diet. "Starch free vegetables, like your greens your lettuce your tomatoes that kind of thing. So, the more vegetables and the more fruits you eat, the better," she said. 

That is what the new emblem is all about, but it comes with a price that upsets some. The New York Times reported the design and marketing budget for the new graphic device to be $2M. Newschannel 6 facebook friends were speaking out about the price tag. 

Karen Upchurch posed the question "$2M on a logo??? And one wonders why the US is in debt." Jennifer Aller says "I agree the amount of money spent on this marketing is absurd. However, I am glad they are redoing the ‘food pyramid'. The pyramid itself was a bit confusing to the kids when we focused on learning off of it for Health Class." 

The new logo will be rolled-out Thursday. Fleming hopes it accomplishes the designers' goals. "So, if you're focusing more on what you're eating and there's a plate out there and you can say hey I'm going to put this much of my fruits and vegetables on the plate, it eliminates people eating that stuff they don't need and that is not good for them," she said. 

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6


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