WFISD Chief Financial Officer Resigns

At a time when financial outlooks are up in the air, the Wichita Falls Independent School District is losing its Chief Financial Officer.  Tim Turner turned in his resignation after working for the WFISD for seven years.  Turner says the WFISD hopes to hire a suitable candidate as soon as possible.  Even though Turner's official last day with the district is June 30th, he plans to come back on different days throughout July to help with the transition.

One that is not going to be easy with the WFISD facing budget reductions that have not been seen in years.  Turner says, "There have never been any reductions to public ed in my career working with school districts. These are by far the largest and most significant cuts."  The WFISD's current Chief Financial Officer, Tim Turner, says the district is eliminating millions of dollars in salary for the 2011/2012 school year.

It's just a start on a budget situation school leaders don't even have set in stone.  The Texas Legislature is still trying to figure out the state budget, which Turner says will likely lead to a two to four percent reduction in school revenue. And as the WFISD waits to hear exactly how much it will need to cut; Turner says, "As it stands now, the state plan tentatively could be could go from $6.5 to $7 million dollars in reductions; it's actually what we believe we're going to be facing."

The district is also beginning the search for a new chief financial officer. He says, "There will be a few days in the month of July, which I will travel to my new district work with them in the form of transitional time; and then once I go in July, I will come back here a corresponding number of days. And work here to help with the transition here."

Turner says his resignation is effective June 30th.  We will continue to track the transition as the school district will be forced to battle massive budget cuts under a new CFO. Turner says his position is not open yet but will be posted soon.  He says he got hired to be the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services in Highland Park ISD; that's where former WFISD Superintendent Doctor Dawson Orr is currently employed.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.