Newcastle ISD Begins $4.5 Million Dollar Renovations

A Texoma school will look completely different come the start of next school year.  Newcastle ISD is getting a $4.5 million dollar facelift, thanks to a bond that passed last November.  Crews were out working on the front of the building on Tuesday, but actually the work began weeks ago, when faculty, staff and students moved everything out from the school to get ready for all the improvements.

It's the end of a school year for Newcastle ISD, but the beginning of renovations.

"They're combining the asbestos with the demolition of the interior," said Gordon Grubbs, Superintendent of Newcastle ISD.

From top to bottom, inside and out, it's going to look like a new improved school.  Parts of the front of the building will be completely redesigned, the entire roof will be taken out and fitted with a new one and elementary classrooms will see an expansion.

"The rooms are pretty small and they're being enlarged," said Grubbs.

But why such big renovations?  Well the roof leaked and their foundation had cracks that often led to unwanted reptiles in the building.

"We had to take three snakes out of the superintendents office this year.  I think two were rattlesnakes coming in through the cracks in the foundation from the walls," said Curriculum Testing Director, Cathryn Creel.

Once the foundation is fixed slithery surprises like that will be nonexistent.

"I'm really excited to see the outcome.  The Texas Education Agency rated us Exemplary the past four years and for us to continue that and continue our school is really important," she said.

Every classroom will see some kind of upgrade whether it's a new floor, or paint and until everything is complete the building will remain empty.  All that was inside is now outside and before they know it, a new school will emerge.

"I think the community and the students will be really excited with what they see in the school," said Grubbs.

The scheduled completion date is September 1, their first day of school.  Not everything will be done then, 4th and 5th grade classroom aren't expected to finish until November.

Newcastle's auditorium is also getting a facelift, new carpet,  new paint job, ADA accessible ramps and a loading dock to help with props.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.