Texoma Doctor Responds to Concerns About Cell Phones Linked to Cancer

Texomans are talking about the recent findings that link cell phones to cancer.  The World Health Organization recently announced it's listing mobile phones in the Carcinogenic Hazard Category.

Texas Oncology Medical Doctor Praveen Reddy says it's not something we should be concerned about. He says brain tumors make up an extremely small percentage of all cancers. And the chance of getting brain cancer is very low.

Doctor Reddy says people are mainly worried about electromagnetic rays emitted from cell phone towers.  He says, "And not only those. The signals coming in and out of a cell phone; they can cause some kind of a mutation in the brain that can lead to the brain cancers down the lane."

But Doctor Reddy doesn't want Texomans to worry about the findings.  He says, "It's completely blown out of proportion. There were no clear randomized studies that have been done to prove that cell phones are the cause of the cancer."  Doctor Reddy says brain tumors make up one to two percent of all cancers. And within that percentage, there's still an extremely low percentage of brain cancer related deaths.

He says, "The cancer death is extremely small, only one to two percent. Even the cancers that are diagnosed with brain tumors, the percentage is very small that have a significant identifiable preventable risk factor. Most of them are inherited genetic mutations."

Doctor Reddy says there is no identified preventable risk factor for brain tumors.  He says, "This was not completely studied and proven. And there are not any definitive data to support this at this time."  Doctor Reddy says the government and the public should focus on other preventable proven cancer risk factors like smoking, alcoholism and dietary changes rather than getting worried about the cell phones at the present time.

If you are concerned about the findings, doctors suggest using an ear piece or texting when possible.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.