Planet Fitness is Bringing Jobs to Texoma

A new business is in the works in Wichita Falls.  Planet Fitness is undergoing construction right now and will be ready to provide more than a dozen jobs at the end of the summer.

A staff of 15 people will be hired to work in the gym.  Planet Fitness is in the beginning stages of construction and owner and native Wichita Falls resident Brian Hooker said he plans on keeping everything as local as possible.

This new Texoma business means new job options for local residents.  The city of Wichita Falls will offer another gym for the community, but Brian Hooker says its different from the rest.

Brian commented, "health is extremely important now a days and everyone is wanting to workout.  Money is usually the factor for some people and at ten dollars a month we really remove the barrier of cost."

The new gym will not only be affordable but plans to keep the entire process from beginning construction, to the grand opening as local as possible for all parties involved.  Local contractors have already been hired and started working on the site two months ago.  This week local electricians were in the space getting things underway.

The buildings owner, Bobby Schaaf is also a native Texoman born and raised in Wichita Falls and he says this new business is a step in the right direction for our economy.

Bobby Schaaf says, "when you live here your whole life and you believe in the town, you want things to happen for the city.  This is just a win-win situation.

Brian said the hiring process will be done by word of mouth and he plans to have the entire staff of 15 chosen by September of this year. Brian says Planet Fitness should be open by October 1st.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6