New Nursing Home in the Works

Despite economic hardships in Texoma, Bellmire Healthcare Facilities is pulling through with construction plans for a new nursing home on US 287 in Bowie.

Bowie Bellmire Healthcare Facilities Administrator Tim Peimann says it's well on its way. He says not only will it bring a new nursing home with updated facilities, more space, and improved care services to Montague and neighboring counties but it will also bring more job opportunities to the area.

Residents have long awaited two years for this new nursing home and are looking forward to moving soon.  They said, "We're really proud for the new nursing home and we love this one, but we love the new one real well." Another said, "Thank god there's going to be a bigger room and there will be more places we could do things like games and things."

It's a bittersweet transition for these residents, but overall they are excited to move into their new home.  Bellmire Healthcare Director of Nurses Debbie Throckmorton says the residents like doing activities together, which will be easier in the new facility because it is all united.  Unlike their current nursing home which is in two different buildings, divided by an alley.

She says, "There will be more room for more residents, there will be 180 beds.  With a newer more modern building, we'll probably be able to pull in a lot more rehab patients, short term, long term, which will allow us to have more jobs, more staff to take care of them."

The Facilities' Administrator Tim Peimann says the new building will also bring more jobs to Bowie. He says, "The building is going to allow us to provide a wider variety of services for the residents. And for the city of Bowie and surrounding community it will provide us with an opportunity to provide hopefully more jobs in the nursing, dietary, and services areas."

Peimann says there will be an additional 30 rooms in the new facility and about 30 jobs added for service areas including nursing, therapy, kitchen and housekeeping, dietary, and activities.

Bellmire Healthcare officials say they are hoping to have the new nursing home ready by the end of the year.  The funds for the $12 million project are from their private company's current operations.  They are not affiliated with any hospitals or city-county entities.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.