Texoma Group Holding Rally At Controversial Graduation

Civic leaders from Wichita Falls are working to make a big impact across the nation. When Agape Movement President Randy Funston heard about the battle a high school Valedictorian from the San Antonio area was having when she wanted to pray at her commencement, he knew he had to do something.

Funston organized a One Nation Under God Rally, similar to one held weeks ago in Wichita Falls, for Medina. Angela Hildenbrand was barred by a Federal Judge from including Christian references in her speech. The ruling was struck down in an appeal late Friday, but Funston still thinks it's disturbing and quashing the free speech of Christians.  "That one person is stepping on the rights of all the other people down there that are Christian and are graduating and want to acknowledge that God is our God," said Funston. He says the Atheist student who protested should just deal with the desire of the majority. "They can sit down they can close their ears, they can be out. This is one nation under God, we only have one God, Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. That is how we feel."

Funston feels the controversy shook him to the core. "This is a large major deal when this came up right here in Texas this is right in our home. There are things that happen across America all the time but when it hits this close to home you know its serious and were taking this as a very serious action. That's why were taking a stance on this," he said.

The Agape Movement had originally planned on providing bus service to and from the rally. The decision was made to cancel the charter once the appeal allowed the girl to pray. Still, Funston hopes the community will make the trip with him. "We need to unite with one strong voice and let it be heard across America… the voice is going to speak… That we need to elect officials and have leaders in office that we elect Christian leaders that will apply Christian principles in each and every decision they make," he said.

Funston had been on the phone all day with people across the country, working to organize the rally. He expects 5,000 people to show up. A keynote speaker is being flown-in from Maryland. For those that cannot attend the rally in person, Funston asked they be there in spirit. "We are asking Christians to unite. If they cannot attend this event we ask they unite in prayer and pray in unison at the same time we will be praying down there starting at 8:00 PM," he said.

For more information, contact Randy Funston at 940-767-9912

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6