Rib Eating Contest Benefits MDA

Local agencies put their appetite to good use Saturday afternoon.  A rib eating contest at Texas Roadhouse brought officers and firefighters under one roof for the winning title, and the firefighters came out with the win.

Each team had 16 members; the first person would have to chow down a tasty half rack of ribs and two rolls before the next team member could do the same.  Since the fire department came away with the win Monday evenings profits from Texas Roadhouse will go to the department who will in turn hand it over the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

"We work together under the same cause, we're both civil servants so it's good to show everybody that we work alongside each other for a good cause," said Firefighter Clay McCarthy.

This isn't their first competition either, in previous years a tug of war contest on ice- and a broom ball champion was crowned.  Crowd watchers who attended enjoyed, music, face painting, and horse petting.