Neighbors Speak Out; Meth Bust Off Princeton

A meth bust takes more than 2,000 grams of meth and $100,000 of drugs off the street.  The bust went down on Friday off Princeton.  Newschannel 6 spoke with neighbors to get their reaction.

In just three days the atmosphere of the Princeton neighborhood has drastically changed.

"It's a whole lot better," said Sandee Jones.

"I think it cleans it up, it's a good thing," said Clifton Bracken.

For 17 years Sandee Jones has called the area home and over the course of time she's noticed a slight change in neighbors.  Just across the street on Friday the Wichita Falls Police Organized Crime Unit and Swat Team raided the home of 32-year-old Clifton Vallier.  Police found 2.2 grams of powder methamphetamine and 2,200 grams of liquid meth along with scales, baggies and $584 in cash.  The total street value of the drug is $108,000.  Residents say they weren't surprised Vallier was involved with meth.

"They [police] were watching the house for a long time and I realize that they have to have a sufficient amount of evidence to put him away," she said.

Jones says his arrest makes the neighborhood safer and appealing, it's one less drug dealer in their area

"If you let him out, the neighborhood goes down again.  You don't want to live with a meth lab across the street."

Other neighbors we spoke with who did not want to appear on camera feel the same way as Sandee Jones and Chuck Bracken, they knew something was going on and are glad officers stepped in.

Vallier was charged with manufacturer delivery of a controlled substance and possession of certain chemicals with intent to manufacture.