Iowa Park Kicks Off the Fifth Annual Iowa Park Great Days of Service

Texomans are getting their hands dirty and it is all for a good cause.  Iowa Park is kicking off its fifth annual Great Days of Service event on Wednesday and volunteers are eager to get to work.

Terry Koch, Director of the Iowa Park Great Days of Service says he is expecting nearly 200 volunteers to help during the four day event.

It is a volunteer service that gets the community of Iowa Park involved and Terry says he looks forward to these four days every year.

The event kicks off Wednesday morning at 7 with a prayer breakfast and will last until Sunday.

That's when operation eden and operation home improvement will get underway, in which volunteers will clean yards, mow lawns, remove trees, repair windows, or paint buildings. Improving all they can on the outside.

Recipients of the volunteer service like Alice Larson are so grateful.

Alice commented, "last year they were a big help.  I had this huge tree and I mean it took over my house, it was taking over everything.  They removed it and it took bulldozers, it took a lot of work and a lot of manpower."

Director Terry Koch was one of the eight volunteers it took to remove the tree from Alice's yard. Everyone did such a great job in fact that Alice nominated her next door neighbor Doris to get a wheel chair ramp put in.  Terry and two other volunteers came out a day early to get things started..

The Great Days of Service is still accepting volunteers.  The Iowa Park Great Days of Service gets most of its volunteers from the Iowa Park Ministerial Alliance which is made up of six different churches located in Iowa Park.

If you would like to join in you can contact anyone of the Iowa Park churches involved.  Those wishing to help can participate in as many days during the event as they want.

Click here to find the list of churches that are part of the Iowa Park Ministerial Alliance.

You can also contact the Director, Terry Koch himself at (940) 781-3887.

 Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6