Fire Department Proposal Fizzles In The Falls

Wichita Falls City Councilors shot down a new proposal made by the city's Fire Chief Earl Foster Tuesday morning at a scheduled meeting.

The measure would have eliminated a number of ranking positions within the department, including the positions of Captain and Lieutenant. The proposal would have also gotten rid of two fire trucks.

The President of the Wichita Falls Firefighters Association Bobby Whiteley spoke with Newschannel 6 after the meeting about the council's decision. He told us, "We didn't think we needed to take the time to talk about each individual part of his plan because it's a lot of fluff. The basic thing is this plan effects public safety to the citizens of Wichita Falls." Whiteley also spoke with Newschannel 6 yesterday before the topic was discussed by city leaders, claiming several firefighters were against the plan because it eliminated promotion opportunities and jeopardized public safety. To read that story click here.