Troopers Bust Three People For Having Drugs

Three people have been arrested after troopers bust them for having drugs in their possession.

A DPS trooper was passed by a white ford on I 44 and made a traffic stop and saw a pill bottle being thrown from the passenger side. The trooper said the bottle had Ecstasy pills and a small baggie of marijuana in it.

Trooper found another pill bottle with Ecstasy and Xanax in near where the driver, Jade Hibbs, was. The front seat passenger told troopers that he had a baggie of marijuana in his shoe. Officers also found 5 pills in the car determined to be Hydrocodone.

Hibbs was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. The other two passengers were arrested. Hibbs confessed to having three Ecstasy pills, five Hydrocodone Pills and 151 Xanax pills.