Texoma Church Helping in Joplin Relief Efforts

We've all seen the pictures of the devastation a tornado left behind in Joplin, Missouri.  Officials reported that just this week three more people died from their injuries, bringing the total number of fatalities from the EF-5 tornado to 141.

A local Texoma church is helping in relief efforts.  Jubilee Christian Center in Burkburnett is gathering as many church members as they can, from the young to the old.  They plan on heading out to Joplin on June 20, and even though you may not be traveling with them you can still help.

Houses that once stood in Joplin, Missouri are no longer there, instead it's nothing but debris, images that Cindy Crain, church secretary, will never get used too.

"I couldn't imagine losing everything, I couldn't imagine losing my home, my pictures you know the things that mean so much to you that you cannot replace," said Crain.

Cindy Crain and more than a dozen other church members of Jubilee Christian Church in Burkburnett are stepping up to the plate.

Mark Davis, the church's youth pastor went to college just outside of Joplin.  He thought it would be great to spend a few days over there and help the those who lost everything during the tornado.

"When we're not handing stuff out we will be going in and doing clean up around residential neighborhoods and help get rid of debris so they can start with the rebuilding process," said Davis.  Already they've received some donations but they still need more.

"Bottled water, Gatorade, lots of baby products, diaper wipes, baby clothes, blankets, work gloves."

It's an experience they're anticipating will not only change the lives of those they help, but their own.

"To see people's lives changed and to see them blessed when they're really down will be amazing," said Crain.

"We're not just here to live our life but to help people, that's our mission in life is to help people," said church member Charlotte Diloaman.

If you would like to donate items to help in the relief efforts you can stop by the Jubilee Christian Center at 403 South Avenue D, Burkburnett, Texas between 9 and 6pm on or before Friday the 17.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6

1.     Personal hygiene products: all kinds

2.     Diapers, and baby wipes (baby items in general are much needed)

3.     Baby cloths

4.     Trash bags

5.     Blankets

6.     Work gloves

7.     Undergarments and socks

8.     Bottled Water

9.     Pet supplies

10.  Disposable cameras (for insurance purposes)

11.  And Walmart gift cards