Horse on the Loose on I-35

Traffic was backed up on Interstate 35 E southbound because of a horse that was loose on the road for more than an hour. The Minnesota State Patrol said the horse came from a farm. It had no saddle or bridal on it when it escaped around 5 a.m. Wednesday. The horse traveled south on I-35E, just north of I-35W near the Forest Lake area and Hugo area.

At one point, an officer was able to corral the horse on the road, but because they didn't have anything to hold on to it with, it took off. They managed to catch up to it again at a truck stop. Officers got a rope on it, but it broke free again and went back on the interstate, heading north in the southbound lanes. Then, the horse crossed the busy road and onto the northbound side of the interstate around 6 a.m. That's where police finally managed to get a hold of a trailer and corral the horse off the interstate and back home. Traffic in the area was moving freely as of 6:20 a.m.