Field Workers Are Taking Precautions for Extreme Heat

With extreme weather conditions and triple digit record highs in Texoma these past few days, workers out in the field are being forced to take extra safety precautions.  Workers say they are punching in earlier to get as much done as they can before the temperatures hit their high for the day.

They're taking more breaks to rest and get hydrated. And even wearing hats and long sleeves to protect themselves from the sun.  While many of us work our eight hours indoors with air condition, these workers are logging their long hours out in the sun.  Wichita Falls Street Department Equipment Operator Daniel Reeder says, "When it's this hot outside, we tend to take a couple more breaks to make sure we get enough cold water in us. We keep Gatorade inside all the trucks."

Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Senior Maintenance Worker Sylvia Barbosa says they are taking measures to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Barbosa says, "As much work as we can in the morning and in the afternoon; we try to find some shaded areas where we have to do some landscaping."

CACO Technologies Owner Danny Anderson says there are basically two types of workers. Those who are used to the heat, and those who are not.  Anderson says, "The guys that actually work outside all the time they get accustomed to it. You have to start early and drink a lot of water. Always try to keep something on your head at all times."

And everyone is looking out for each other to make sure everyone stays safe.  Anderson says, "If someone is not used to it, as a general rule the first thing when you get too hot, you start to get dizzy; When you get dizzy it's time to stop."  Wichita Falls Street Department Supervisor Jose Caballero says just their department alone has 70 workers out in the sun every day.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.