Two Newcastle Residents Facing Charges For Dragging Two Animals

Two Newcastle residents are being charged with animal cruelty.

Joyce Owen, 63, and Eldon Marsh, 74, are accused of dragging two donkeys down the road while they were chained to the back of pick-up trucks.

Deputies were called to Newcastle around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, after a witness saw the animals being dragged down the road. When deputies arrived, they found the donkeys still tied to the trucks. Deputies noticed both the animals sustained serious injuries.

A witness reported she saw the donkey being drug down the road. As she watched, the animal fell over and was being dragged on its side. The witness yelled at the driver, who stopped. The witness said she gave the animal water and watched as the driver started the truck again and began pulling the animal down the road. When the donkey fell, she called 9-1-1.

A sheriff's office investigator says while talking to Marsh, he learned the animals were being moved across town. He added Marsh told him he had to move them to another pasture and couldn't get a trailer, so he would just drag them.