Baseball and Family at Rider

When Rider senior Gage Green suits up for Oklahoma St. next year, it'll be the first time in 18 years that he'll be without his father both on and off the field.

"It's going to be a lot different going into college," Green said.

Scot Green has been coaching his son at the varsity level for the past four years. As much as baseball links the pair together, Green's first baseball memory of his son was only as a spectator. Gage's mom coached him during his tee ball. But, Gage grew into sports with his father, not wanting to ever sit on the sidelines.

"He wanted to be playing, on the sidelines, in the stands. He wanted to play baseball, not necessarily watch it," Scot Green said. "He was always there. It's strange to know that the four-year-old kid running around with me is now 18 and moving on to bigger and better things."

When Gage reached high school, he assumed that he wouldn't be playing varsity ball as a freshman, but a spot opened up at the last minute. Along with kicking the habit of calling his head coach "dad" on the field, Gage says those underclassmen years were the toughest.

"Those first two years, he really made me earn my spot," Gage Green said. "He didn't want anyone thinking I'm there because I'm his son, so he really made me work for it."

The work has paid off for everyone involved. Gage entered his senior season with the Rider career records for runs scored and walks, was tied for the lead in hits and was in the top five in RBI's.

In addition to the individual and team success, both father and son say there have been great perks to their relationship. Gage says it's been easier to talk to his father about anything related to the team. And of course, baseball has really become a Green family event.

"When we're playing, we're all there together. It's a family atmosphere," Scot Green said. "That's something we'll all miss."

Scot Green says that no matter the results from this year's state tournament, the time spent with his son was a success.

But, ask both Scot and Gage what it would be like to end their time together with a state title. They simply say, "that would be awesome!"

The #7 Raiders will face #1 Brenham Thursday at 4 p.m. at Dell Diamond in Round Rock in the Class 4A Semifinals.