Texoma Heat Wave Facts

It is safe to say that the summer of 2011 will go down as one of the hottest.  Here are some of the historic marks that are in jeopardy of falling or already have:


June of 2011 was the hottest June EVER with 28 100-degree days.

July of 2011 is on pace to be the hottest EVER with 16 100-degree days so far.  The warm morning temperatures could separate 2011 from 1980 as the hottest July of all-time.

We have never reached 50 100-degrees faster than this year (July 15th).  The previous fastest was August 1st in 1998.

We are on pace to shatter the all-time record set in 1980 of 79 100-Degree days.

We also are on pace to break the record for the hottest summer (June-August) on record (1980) by a considerable margin!

Our current streak of 25 100-degree days is a top-10 streak of all-time, and could challenge the record set back in 1980 of 42 days.

Last year we did not see a 100-degree day until July 31st!


We are currently in the driest stretch in Wichita Falls history.  We could very well set the record for the driest 12-month span EVER.

June was the 3rd driest on record and July could fall in the top 10 as well.

We have gone 32 days in a row without measurable rainfall!