Congressman Thornberry Tells Tale Of Special Trip To Afghanistan

Newschannel 6 got to speak with U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry about his special visit to Afghanistan over the Memorial Day holiday, where he got to meet many troop members.

Rep. Thornberry told us the trip focused primarily on special operations troops, although Thornberry did get a chance to speak with a variety of folks from Texas, along with Afghanistan residents, tribal leaders, and members of the Kabul government. Thornberry said personally, "the trip was inspiring", and that with each trip he comes away in awe of the character, courage, and good judgement in our troops.

The Congressman also told Newschannel 6 the trip gave him a chance to see how much progress the U.S. is making overseas. Thornberry explained that "the military has made tremendous progress" within the past two years. He said, "troops are optimistic, but worried that the government could pull them out before the mission is complete," destroying any progress made.

Thornberry expressed his expectations with the deadline for pulling troops out. He told Newschannel 6 "the real danger will be pulling out too many troop members too fast," which could jeopardize the situation we've worked for. Thornberry said it depends on the enemy, making sure the Afghan people can provide for their own security. He said the full deadline, expected by the end of the year "really depends on the Taliban and how viciously they fight back."

Thornberry concluded saying, "Our troops are doing a great job about getting Afghan people up to where they can defend themselves," and that "only time will tell. We need to give our troops the chance to complete their mission and walk out with their heads held high."