The Extreme Heat is Emptying Texomans Pockets

Texomans are doing what they can to stay cool in these scorching rays, but it does not come cheap.  It is just the beginning of June and Faith Mission says they have more people asking for help with paying for bills.

AC units all around Texoma are getting full usage to combat triple digit heat.  Faith Mission is among a handful of organizations in the area helping residents pay the bills.

Reverend Arnold Vasques from Faith Mission says, "it is burning up out there and we understand that families are struggling.  They are coming in and I have no doubt that these bills are going up high." 

High prices are what residents like Stephanie Point are starting to see.  Stephanie says she usually pays anywhere from 95 to100 dollars, but recently her bills range from 150 to170 dollars.  Reverend Arnold Vasques with Faith Mission says he gets anywhere seven to ten calls a day regarding people not being able to pay electric bills.  He says he has seen bill brought in anywhere from 190 dollars to 500 dollars, and he is also seeing new faces stop in to ask for help.   

Other organizations in the area like Interfaith Ministries, Salvation Army, and Rolling Planes are also helping community members out with their bills.   

Officials at Reliant Energy say if you set your thermostat at 78 degrees or above you can cut your bill by five to seven percent.

Experts also say you can save money by closing blinds to keep out sunlight and unplugging anything that's not being used, like cell phone chargers.

Also be sure to change your air conditioner filters once a month because a new filter can bring down cost by ten percent.


Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6