More Businesses and Jobs in Bowie

Despite hardships finding jobs in Texoma and nationwide, the unemployment rate in Bowie is lower than the Texas and U.S. averages. Bowie is in the middle of growth and expansions for businesses, which means more jobs are on the way. The Brindle Texas Inc. Manufacturing Company, Energy Service, Bellmire Healthcare Facilities, and W.L. Plastics are all in the process of expanding their facilities.  There are also several retail businesses that recently opened in downtown Bowie.

Bowie Economic Development Director Janis Crawley says their current marketing campaign is "Room to Grow", but they are in the process of refreshing their image since they are already growing. Crawley says the unemployment rate in Bowie is 6.3%.

Crawley said, "W.L. Plastics, Energy Service Company and Brindle Texas products is hiring right now, which is even better. So, we hope that unemployment rate will go even less."  She says W.L. Plastics is expanding by about double. W.L. Plastic's Customer Service Manager Bobbie Hager said their additions are also bringing more jobs to Texoma.  Hager says, "WL Plastics has purchased the land behind me and the gray building which used to be the old Walmart building. And, with that we're going to add new lines, which will make 45-50 jobs available."

People are also moving to Bowie. Bowie General Contractor Paul Hardy says he's remodeling a home that was built in 1931 for Jeanine Moore who lives out of town.  Hardy says, "She knew the house had lots of history here in Bowie. So she was very eager to come back and actually live in this house here."

Bowie Economic Development Director Janis Crawley says other expansion projects include the growth of retail businesses in the downtown area.  She said, "We have a couple of new antique shops that are coming here, we have a coffee house, we have a new bakery."

Crawley says the main reason for the city's growth is the oil and gas production in their location.  She also says the city is working on a new website and logo with an image centered around oil and gas production. Crawley says Bowie's sales tax revenue increased by 17 percent since November.  In that time, the city has added 100 jobs.

Jessica Abuchaibe, Newschannel 6.