Work Hard Grant Coming to Wichita County

An initiative is in place for high school graduates in Wichita County. The Wagner-Peyser Grant, worth $241,000 is to be distributed by the Texas Workforce Commission at the recommendation of the Governor's office.

The Work Hard, Work Smart program is a collaboration  between many Texoma School Districts and lawmakers. The Grant's goal is to support graduating seniors, the unemployed, and the underemployed in Wichita County after they have received the WorkKey's National Career Readiness Certificate.

The certificate assesses three different areas in order to determine a person's work readiness. These areas are: applied mathematics, reading information, and locating information.

The Grant is to provide assessment fees for the Wichita County residents who are out of work or who are earning substandard wages. Work Hard, Work Smart will provide resources to help 85% of high school graduates, 35% of unemployed, and 3% of the underemployed in Wichita County to possess the National Career Readiness Certificate. As Soon as the goals are met, the Chamber will pass Wichita County as the first "work ready" county in the state of Texas.

The Grant will fund a Program Coordinator and Clerk who will be located at Vernon College

Here's a link for more on Wagner-Peyser