Will Governor Rick Perry Run for President?

ATLANTA (AP) - Who knew a major political shake-up on one candidate's team could say so much about someone who hasn't even entered the race? The upset at Newt Gingrich's camp is stirring up more speculation that Texas Governor Rick Perry will join the 2012 race.

Never mind that his entire senior campaign staff has deserted him. Newt Gingrich is vowing to remain in the race for president.

But there are serious doubts about whether the former House speaker remains a viable candidate.

Already, his opponents in the Republican field are scrambling to capitalize on the upheaval, courting disillusioned Gingrich donors and picking off key campaign supporters.

News of the Gingrich staff exodus Thursday had barely registered before former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was trumpeting word that one of Gingrich's national co-chairmen - former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue - had joined his Pawlenty's White House campaign.

Two top staffers who fled Gingrich's campaign have close ties to Rick Perry, ramping up speculation that the brash Texas governor could jump into the unsettled GOP race.