Bellevue VFD Needs Your Donations

The roaring April wildfires are still having an effect on local volunteer fire departments around Texoma.  Many are still feeling the pinch in funding and need the communities help.

The Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department is having their annual fish fry this weekend.  Every year they raise around $5,000, but still it is not enough.

Its been a busy season for the Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department and battling all these fires is starting to take its toll.

Their devotion and dedication is tremendous.  These Bellevue Volunteer Firefighters will work all day every day if they have too.

And their new building is their pride and joy because they built it with their own hands.  Ronnie Ewing, a member of the Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department says they did not have enough funds to hire somebody to do it, so we did it ourselves.

It is their home away from home and for the past month the crew has been coming into the station after their day jobs.  They come to the station just to handle the repairs on the fire trucks and equipment, due to the recent wildfires. They do all their repairs themselves too.

Bellevue Volunteer Firefighter Ronnie Ewing says they deal with what they have and its enough for them, but feel very blessed to be receiving a new smaller fire truck.  The purchase came from the help of a FEMA grant and the Wichita Community Area Foundation.

Ronnie says the new truck takes a huge weight off their shoulders because money is very tight for them right now.

The Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department has a jamboree once a month just to pay for utilities. Ronnie says without the community's help they would be forced to shut their doors.

Saturday is the Bellevue Volunteer Fire Departments annual fish fry.  They are expecting around 100 people to stop by, but say they always welcome new faces.

It starts at 5:30 at the Bellevue Community Center.  On the menu, fried catfish, potatoes, and other fixings and desserts. There will also be live country music.

Officials say the primary revenue for the volunteer departments is you, they couldn't operate without your donations.


Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6